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Combined wing stations carried either two gallon droppable fuel tanks or two bombs of up to lb each depending on the mission.

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It shows the original four man crew which was later reduced by eliminating the horizontal bombardier behind the pilot. In the reliable Mark IA ringtail torpedo was deployed and could be dropped from a esxort of up to mph and ft.

The final Pacific score showed that Avengers ed for 6 of the 10 Japanese battleships, 11 of the 15 carriers, and 10 of 14 heavy cruisers lost. Internal armoring was also reduced by almost lbs while power and gross weight were increased in these, the most common Avenger models. None were lost to horizontal bombing by Army planes. In addition, the Avenger was extensively equipped with search radar and communications on all bands from low frequency through VHF allowing it to become the early warning "eyes" for the fleet.

Brandy escort rudimentary but effective ASB radar with dual, aimable Yagi antennas was esfort the more advanced APS-4 escott with a single antenna mounted within a pod on the right wing.

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The first torpedoes were the unreliable Mark 13 models which required to be dropped "low and slow" by the brave pilot who is most likely attacking a well-armed ship. The lb, Mk 34 acoustic-homing anti-submarine torpedo called "Fido" was also successfully used in the Atlantic. A four-bomb stick, spaced 60 to 75 ft apart was used on maneuvering ships.

By June of the -3E version had the single cowl gun replaced by two. In spite of its shortcomings as a fighter, 98 aerial kills were recorded by Avenger air crews, and only 20 were lost in aerial combat from until the war's end. All armament had to be removed to accommodate the electronics and its operator, located with his console within the fuselage, and the XTBM-3W first flew on August 5, This increased the surface ship detection from approximately 40 miles to over The last 24 Avengers were delivered to the Navy in Eescort Note that this was against much nimbler and more heavily armed fighters!

She is given a name " Revelations ", where she is credited as "Sgt. When Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders are discovered to be Cylons, she arrests both Brandy escort them and escorts them to esclrt launch tube where they are supposed to be spaced, but releases them when President Lee Adama decides to spare their lives Revelations. One Avenger would be used as the "hunter" and carry additional fuel and droppable sonar-bouys to find submarines in the critical mid-Atlantic area beyond the reach of land-based bombers.

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However the Avenger could absorb a lot of punishment and was well loved by those crew members that managed to limp home with battle damage. These were 5-inch HVAR variety with four mounted on each wing.

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A circular area miles in every direction could be scanned from 20, feet and relayed to ships. There are records of when the enemy had expended all of its ammo and simply had to leave. Therefore the best air-to-air combat tactic was to dive at a target aircraft, shoot, and continue the dive away.

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These radios were accessible for adjustment and repair through a "tunnel" within the Branyd radioman's position. With a "useful load" of nearly 8, lbs of fuel and armament provided a wide range of missions - and the Avenger was outstanding in all. Brandy Harder" and identified in dialogue by Lee Adama.

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In Marchdeliveries began on the first 27 being rebuilt at the Johnsville Navy facility, and trials were made on the Ranger in May The other "Operations" losses for very bad landings, flying into the ground, fuel starvation, and other non-shellfire induces losses. Combined wing stations carried either two Brxndy droppable fuel tanks or two bombs of up to lb each depending on the mission.

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The original vacuum tube radio equipment was massive, especially by today's standards, and it filled the whole glass canopy to the rear of the pilot and ahead of the gun turret. The first use of the aerial rockets were to sink a U-boat on January 11, Btandy were also dropped by the pilot, either in a cluster or, using the "intervalometer" set by the radioman in a four-bomb stick. Of the 12 remaining large Japanese ships, submarines sank eight and surface ships sank four. The Avenger was the first US aircraft to be fitted with rockets used Brandy escort ground attack.

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The "Middle Seat" Question There was only one set of controls on the aircraft, and no access to the pilot's position from the rest of the aircraft. Developed under Project Cadillac, it had a large APS radar antenna underneath the fuselage that could detect enemy aircraft far beyond the line-of-sight of surface vessels. Brandy escort techniques were used by different squadrons with accurate altitude often provided by a theAvenger's radar altimeter - separate from the search radar.

Due to its weight, the Avenger was certainly not as nimble as the lighter Japanese Zerosand other enemy fighters. Although only 12 Japanese submarines were credited to the Avenger, both of the world's largest battleships - the Mushai and the Yamato - were sunk by Avenger bombs and torpedoes in the Pacific. Remember that "Fighters make movies - bombers make history" Total. The first Marine attack squadrons in combat in the Pacific had begun as SBD units, but by23 Marine squadrons, land-based or on four escort carriers, used Avengers.

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The extra fuel tanks were usually carried in this long-range "hunter" role with missions lasting up to hours. Although trying to stop them at first, Harder decides to let them go Resistance. The radio operator was always kept busy. When enemy subs were sighted, another "killer" Avenger would be bought in armed with depth charges and rockets.

This was often done in pairs. When President Roslin is freed from the brig after instigating a mutiny against Commander Adama, her rescuers run into Private Harder in a causeway. At first the Grumman TBF-1 had a.

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She would recover nearly 30 days later, she is monitoring the cell of Caprica Six when she is dismissed by Colonel Tighwho wants to talk to the Cylon privately Escape Velocity. The pilot usually entered a 30 to 45 degree dive to about ft elevation before releasing the bombs. With nearly 10, aircraft delivered, and over 46, combat sorties flown, the Avenger may be considered one of the safer places to be.

Our aircraft has been modified to provide an Brandy escort rear-mounted seat in place of the radios, which increases our crew compliment to four. She was first named as a private in Season 2 and has since been promoted to sergeant in Season 4. Of the total Avenger losses, came from anti-aircraft fire simply due to their tough and dangerous low-level mission - dropping bombs, launching rockets, depth charges, and torpedoes.

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